1. Google is still the best Search Engine

Despite the rumours that Amazon search would overtake Google, it is actually nowhere near it! The new Jumpshot data confirms that Google owns just over 90% of all searches in 2018, and there’s no clear evidence for a big shake-up anytime in the next 2-3 years. Google also sends out the biggest traffic of just over 60%. Hence Google is a monster and vital to consider when you’re thinking about your SEO.  

2. Google’s Mobile First Index

Following the trend of mobile users, Google has been introducing its Mobile First Indexing step by step since 2016 and will accelerate this in 2019. Google now prefers to show the version of a page in the mobile index, which is optimised for mobile devices. Mobile optimisation is the standard for creating new websites today, if you have not yet optimised your website for mobile devices, you should do so by 2019 at the latest.   

3. User Experience

Google has always emphasised on the value of user experience (UX). The ranking algorithms prefer websites that are speedy, coherent, and simple to operate. Research shows that websites with more than 3 seconds of loading time lose out on 40% of their website visitors. Similarly, fast loading websites with confusing layout will also end up losing visitors. The focus should be on the user at all times. Therefore it is vital to provide consistent and flawless user experience across all devices.

4. Voice Search and Home Assistant

According to Google, every fifth search query on mobile devices is now made via voice input. Due to the increasing use of home assistants and smart home devices such as Alexa and Google’s Home, users will probably use features such as “Voice Search” more frequently in 2019. For this reason, it can be helpful to anticipate possible user questions that your content will answer.   

5. Content is still king

Producing quality and engaging content is still the top priority that all websites need to concentrate on and it will even be more important in 2019. Google has made massive improvements in the analysis of textual content in recent years and now uses the latest technology called RankBrain to better understand content. In 2019, being content heavy and quality driven will be a must for those looking to succeed in SEO.