1. Improving your company image

This alone should be enough reason to start doing business online. It is an extremely important factor considering that without a website and/or social media accounts, prospective clients might wonder how serious you are about business. If you don’t have an online presence, then you can’t expect your clients to take you seriously and you will probably lose them to your competitors that do have an effective online presence.

2. Better customer support

The internet allows you to respond to customers’ enquiries in real time. Your website increases accessibility to information about you and your products for your customers 24/7. They can ask you any questions at any time before deciding to make a purchase and you can follow them up sooner. You can also build a relationship with your customers, through social media or newsletters, to gain their trust and loyalty where they’d be happy to advocate for your brand later on. Remember that people buy from people they like and trust.

3. Cuts cost

One of the key benefits of operating your business online is that you can save a lot of money. For example, receiving orders online reduces the need for having a customer service staff. A really good website, an effective social media presence, attractive sales videos, and engaging news/sales letters can replace a full time sales person, as well as increase your sales through online marketing. Not to mention also the savings you get from not having printed marketing materials.

4. Creates new opportunities for growth

After your business is regarded as a brand by your customers, fans and followers, you will then need to maintain your ongoing and long term goals with actionable plans. You can continuously reshape your brand. Once you manage to do that, your business will have the potential to become an online success story.

5. Keeps your business relevant

Consumer power is increasing and your business should accept this and act accordingly. It is important for businesses to recognise that consumer demand is changing so supply also needs a change at some point. Having an online presence will give you an advantage of keeping on top of this at all times, as well as enable you to communicate your changes to your customers.

6. You get more referrals

Having an online presence will open up your business to a global market and this provides you with increased opportunities for getting referrals. Most people prefer to do business with someone they know or know of. This is why getting referrals matter.