About Julia

Never been one of a 9-5 person at heart, Julia left the corporate world to pursue an alternative lifestyle. Valueing the freedom of running her own businesses, she now extends it to offering location-independent services to clients all over the world. She’s at her best working with Solopreneurs, including Yoga Teachers to Hairdressers and Writers to Influencers, also Start-ups and Small Business Owners, where she can do personalised projects, making sure the developed brand is suited to the personality of the client.

Julia has always followed her passions as a way to make a living, from developing her own home-spa brand, becoming a spa consultant, even running her own salsa dance school, and now busy with Studio Julia. So she understands the feeling of having that ‘fire in the belly’ in an entrepreneur or a self-employed person. She believes this should be at the core of the brand you we need to develop in order to make the business brand a success.

“Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.”
~ Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.