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By now you’ve already found the niche of the very thing that you want to do, and you’re ready to take it to the next level. Whether you’ve chosen to be a writer, a hairdresser, a blogger or a jewellery designer, you probably will have been told by so many people that your business needs to be online. But it is not just about being online that will determine your success, it needs to be done right. And the way to do it, we strongly believe, is by having a well planned Branding Strategy, Web Design, as well as Social Media Strategy. With the combination of those three done well, you’d be able to attract and retain customers, who will stay with you for a long time and even tell other people great things about you.

The key words here are ‘Well Planned’. So if you’re interested in getting started, your first step would be to grab your FREE Initial CONSULTATION with us. We start ALL of our commissioned work by having a relax chat with our clients. We take time for us to get to know each other and talk about your project. Following this consultation, we then more or less follow this process here: How It Works. Before you decide to reach out, please have a look at our pricing rough guide below.


These prices are to be used as rough guide only so that you know a ballpark figure before sending enquiries to us. You will find that a lot of web design companies do not list their prices at all, but we’d like you to have some approximate costs up front. All final prices we give to our clients are done on individual basis.

A Blog or a One Page Info Website £300 (up to 8hr work)
A basic set-up for one-page website containing very little content like text, a couple of images, contact details, and social network links. Customiseable, Responsive mobile friendly website design using WordPress CMS.

Simple Website £500 (up to 14hr work)
A simple website that features up to 6 pages containing basic content like text, images, contact form, social network links etc. Customiseable, Responsive mobile friendly website design using WordPress CMS.

Large Brochure Website £750 (16-24hr work)
A more complex and larger brochure style website with features like a blog, booking system, videos, social media plugins etc. Customiseable, Responsive mobile friendly website design using WordPress CMS.

Social Media Management £200/mth (min 3mths)
Create post schedule, maintain a specific campaign and monitor progress (not including content or campaign creation).

Hourly Rate £45/hr
For Branding and Social Media Consultation, Copywriting, and Content Creation. Please ask for Photography rates.