While you’ve probably heard of the old SEO saying “Content is King”, the more recent saying in this modern age of SEO is that “Fresh Content is King”. Below we list a few reasons why having fresh content on your website is important for your Search Engine Optimisation.

First though, what is Fresh Content?
Fresh content is basically new, updated content, done on a regular basis. So why is it important in terms of SEO?

Fresh Content = Frequent Indexing

Your website is a living breathing thing on the internet. Every update you make on your website is a sign that you are alive. A static website with no updates maybe viewed by search engines as dead with no life and nothing new to offer. With every updates, search engines will stop by and visit your website, and this may increase your opportunity to achieve higher ranking based on the content you provide.

More Content = More Keywords

You will want to spread out as many examples of your keywords throughout your site as possible, while still making it accessible, readable and relevant to your users. If your site lacks content, this can be very difficult to do without having to resort to keyword stuffing (an attempt to manipulate a website by randomly putting keywords), which is a blacklisted practice by search engines. New content provides you with a way to add more keywords to the site, without making your existing content a keyword-laden mess that is more likely to get you punished than it is to improve rankings.

Visitors Value Fresh Content

Your users probably use a host of different websites and other digital platforms to find interesting, up to date and relevant information. Offering helpful and informative content is therefore important, because your users are important. If users are getting the information they need, they are more likely to keep visiting your site. If you get a lot of repeat visitors, search engines will see that the content on your site is useful and may bump up your ranking as a result.

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