In one short sentence: Social Media enables people to find you.

Social media is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of digital marketing, which provides incredible benefits that help reach millions of customers worldwide. It is not enough to just have a company website, people have to know it is there. Every time you create a social post with a link back to a specific page on your website, you improve your search engine rankings, and eventually, your business will show up in the first pages of Google search results. And the benefits extend even beyond that, including the following:

Targeted Reach
Traditional advertising doesn’t give you the luxury to reach out to your target audience the way social media ads do. Facebook Ad, for example, allows you to target some very specific demographics so you will reach the right people for your brand. By optimising your social profiles and by keeping them fresh with the right content, you create a stronger presence on the web. You get more exposure. And you have multiple channels to draw people towards your business.

Gain Consumer and Marketplace Insights
Social networks also provide you with insights tools that allow you to analyse information about your content and followers. Armed with these insights, we are better equipped to fine tune content strategies for better campaigns. It can help us not only reach the right people, but also to say the right thing, and build brand loyalty along the way. 
Knowing if your ad is working or not is integral in order to improve it.

Engaged With Your Customers
Social media profiles are a great way to connect to your prospects and customers. They work as a doorway to your business website because they show your human side. They not only inform the searcher about your business, but also help them become a part of your conversations.

Improved Brand Loyalty
If you want to get the most out of your social media marketing efforts, it’s crucial that you focus on increasing brand loyalty. Having a loyal following means better engagement and better conversations. Ask any loyal social media follower about their trusted brand, and they will speak positive about it without the need to push. Which leads to natural word of mouth marketing.